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What came out of the International Builders’ Show last month?
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There were plenty of new ideas, features, and designs of interest to the real estate community at the 2017 International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, both held in Orlando, Fla. last month.  Here are the top trends and buzzwords you need to know about.

Modernity in Moderation

It turns out designers, home builders, and consumers have different ideas of the meaning and salability of the term “modern," and the industry is working to bridge that gap. Seth Hart of DTJ Design in Boulder, Colo. explained how “moderated modern,”—where asymmetrical windows and color and material combinations that provide high contrast—can be used on more traditional homes to provide an updated feel without breaking the bank or turning off buyers.

“It’s not about doing wild roof forms,” Hart told attendees. “It’s all about how you create a modern design in something that still has a broad market appeal and is done affordably.”

Eric Brown, a builder representative with Artisan Homes Realty, LLC in Phoenix uses the term “comfortable contemporary” to help identify the style. “It’s going to attract baby boomers,” he predicted, noting this style offers “something that reminds them of their old home, but it’s updated.”

Another twist on this trend comes in the form of the “modern farmhouse,” which was another popular buzzword at the show. Many of the winners of the National Association of Home Builders’ 2016 Best in American Living Awards featured farmhouse sinks, reclaimed wooden beams, and barn doors layered into modern designs. Even the farmhouse elements themselves are being updated, as is evident in cleaner, more minimalist designs made of contemporary materials.


The Secret Hideaway...

New Home Friday 02-24-2017
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These 5 Trends Will Shape the Housing Market in 2017
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If the U.S. economy is to hit escape velocity in 2017, you can expect the real estate sector to serve as its rocket fuel.

At its most broadly defined, housing can be counted on to compose 15% of GDP. It hasn't done that much heavy lifting lately, however. That's because in the wake of the real estate bubble, lending standards have remained tight, while the cautious builders who survived the crisis have been reluctant to dive headfirst into expanding their operations again.


New Home Friday 02-17-2017
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Stay Warm, Save Money: How to Cut Heating Costs
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Nobody wants to add to the costs of their new home with a giant heating bill. So, before you go upping your thermostat to 80 degrees, listen up.

There are plenty of ways to keep warm this winter while saving both energy and money. That’s right, it really is possible to stay heated without burning a hole in your wallet.


New Home Friday 02-10-2017
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Pick Your Price- What Home Price Will Make The Best Rental Investment
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Once you decide on a market where investment in single-family rentals is favorable, you'll be confronted with homes to buy in a range of prices. Are you better off investing at the low end, right in the middle, or even at the high end?

A high-end property might seem a ridiculous investment - who can afford to pay the rent? - but some of the most promising markets in the country are those that lie right outside rapidly expanding cities - rural counties where home prices are much lower but won't be for long. In these places, a high-end property can be a very reasonable rental for a large number of city folks.


New Home Friday 02-03-2017
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10 Cities Americans Are Moving To Right Now (And 10 They Are Leaving)
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Whether for professional or personal reasons, people sometimes pick up and move. In the United States, folks have been migrating to urban areas in recent generations, but these days the places they wind up are not necessarily the major hubs we might expect.


New Home Friday 01-27-2017
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